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In accomplishing the Swachh Bharat Mission, we should never lose sight of the important role that children have in our society. Children are especially gifted at looking at new ideas with excitement and sometimes may motivate us to rethink the structures and habits we are accustomed to. They spend a large portion of their time at school; they learn, live and play in the school environment and they are open to acquiring new and important skills that allow them to live healthy, productive and happy lives. Therefore, schools have the potential to foster behavioural change that may also positively impact the general public.

Green Wicket assembled various activities that will form an important pillar of our children’s education on water hygiene & sanitation, energy conservation, biodiversity and waste management, so that they learn about these vital topics in a practical, active and fun way.

The activity collection is available for download at

Furthermore, everyone is invited to contribute to the activity collection with their own ideas to make it grow and let it become more comprehensive. On templates can be downloaded, which, once filled out, can be send back to the SuSanA secretariat and added to the online activity collection.



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